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Reviews act as a social proof. It gives the prospects a clear picture of how long have you been doing this business and the quality of the services you have been rendering to your customers.
Sriram Institute of Professional and Vocational Studies (SIPVS) was established in the year 2014 for providing basic and higher education to the willing and deserving students.

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) is a leading teacher training institution in Asia preparing global educators and creating future leaders in the field of education across the globe.

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Noble Institute of Education Society (NIES) has aimed at achieving the highest quality of education in vocational education and IT course training since its inception.

EdSense is an education management platform. Their solutions focus on core educational facilities and not just on administrative management. Their unique blend of academics and psychology offers a great deal of flexibility to teachers in personalization of education to each student, to implement different pedagogies.

Most of the students look towards Medical and Engineering degree as the only choice of crafting a lucrative career. However, there are plenty of other job-oriented, short term courses available in the education sector which are also lucrative and at the same time instill a different set of skills and aptitude among students to explore new and enthralling opportunities in life.

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Teaching in this modern era has become quite a challenging profession. Educators have to hone their teaching skills to provide the best educational experience to any student ranging from toddlers, pre-schoolers, grade schoolers, graduates, and so on. They have to manage their temperament and behavior with each type of student.

Games are the most interesting creation of human beings that has an entertaining, flexible, instructive, and competing flavor embedded into it. It is one of the most compelling, creative, and mindful expressions of human spirit which explores and tests people’s skills, efforts, and invites them to nurture innovative ways of managing many hurdles in their life.

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The Knowledge Review introduces a special issue of “The 10 Best Vocational Education and Training Institutes in India 2018”, which highlights some of the best institutes in India offering quality vocational education with dedication and innovation. This issue highlights some of those institutes which have set a global standard in the field of vocational education, research, and training.

This Friday marked a new beginning for Sara Ali Khan who made her debut with 'Kedarnath' opposite Sushant Singh Rajput. 'Kedarnath', which was released amid several protests, has managed to get a healthy start at the box office. In fact, Sara has received positive reviews for her performance.
The emergence of social media has created a new avenue for facilitating daily information and communication needs. As technology grows and expands our range of communication, social media is becoming a vital tool for daily social interaction. It creates opportunity for people to interact with each other in a way that is both helpful and essential to socially motivate people. The rapid fire quick
Electronic media is media that uses electromechanical device to access the content. This is in similar to social media, which now-a-days are most often created electronically. Most new media are in the form of digital media. Electronic media makes communication easy to connect people from one end to other end by getting them together through media facilities.

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The Mass Media Department at Nagindas Khandwala College aims to help learners acquire written, oral and organizational skills-both as leaders and team members that are effective and persuasive. They recognize that each student is different and they celebrate this difference with gusto.

The Department of Communication and Journalism, University of Mumbai was started with an aim to inculcate the students with a sense of responsibility and ownership for every aspect and every act of their lives. Emphasizing on studies, the University of Mumbai aspires to enhance the skill set of every student in understanding content, its production and uses, its commercial uses, and the ethical p

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