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Reserve Bank of India Stays Mum on Cryptocurrency Ban. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has replied to a query regarding why it moved to bar bank from dealing with digital currency businesses prior this year - however; the response isn't very telling. Shri Varun Sethi, who presents himself as a Blockchain Lawyer demanded an explanation from RBI under the nation's Right to Information Act (RTI).
To Mine Cryptocurrency Russian County Website was Hacked. A county government website for Khabarovsk, Russia was lately hacked to mine digital currency using the processing power of those visiting. Mr. Vyacheslav Kovalenko the County administration IT officer reported that since the end of May.

Ripple has been named in Another Lawsuit tied to XRP Digital Currency. Court record shows, distributed ledger startup Ripple has been named in another lawsuit tied to XRP cryptocurrency. On Tuesday, investor Mr. Vladi Zakinov filed a class action lawsuit, naming Ripple Labs, XRP II the firm's licensed money services business.

Estonia Roll Back its Plan to establish National Cryptocurrency 'Estcoin'. As Reported by Bloomberg, Estonia Roll Back it's intended to issue national digital currency Estcoin following criticism from European Central Bank President Mario Draghi and local banking authorities.

A State Senator in Virginia calls for a Digital Currency Impact Study. A state senator in Virginia has filed new legislation that would mandate an impact study on digital currencies. A new bill proposed by Mr. Glen Sturtevant would start a study, which, if affirmed, would try to access how the growth of digital currencies and their use affects everyday Virginians.

Ripple attaining Massive Adoption due to Latest Achievements. Kuwait Finance House revealed plans to join Ripple's network of banks and payment providers. It seems to be some exciting news for ripple enthusiasts. The Islamic lender will also utilize Ripple's blockchain to reduce cost and improve the speed for cross-border transactions.

Mark Carney: Governor of UK's Bank of England Open to Idea of Central Bank Issued Digital Currency​. Mr. Mark Carney, the governor of UK's central bank the Bank of England talked on a recent panel in Stockholm on the future of central banking where he said that he is open-minded about the idea of a central bank issued cryptocurrency.

Spain Central Bank's Governor Believes in Blockchain, but far more Uneasy about Cryptocurrencies. As per local news report, Banco de Espana governor Mr. Luis Maria Linde discussed digital currencies during a recent speech organized by auditing firm Deloitte, stating that they present more risks than benefits

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CFTC Issues Guidance for How to Launch Crypto Derivatives. The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has issued new guidance for clearinghouses and

Internet Security Expert John McAfee urges traders to gear up for Next Cryptocurrency Price Rally. John McAfee thinks the March of the digital currency bulls is at hand. The famous Tech activist and internet security expert have added his voice to the developing crypto institutional investment narrative.

Startup that Utilizes Cryptocurrency for Processing Everyday Payments Adopted by O'Brien, former CEO of VISA. O'Brien, who worked as the CEO of VISA UK for six

Crypto Utopia: Man-Made Floating Islands in Pacific Will Acknowledge Digital Currency. Drowning under your government's vast business and monetary policies?

Ukraine is Drafting Law to Legalize Cryptocurrencies, Fuels Debate In Crypto Community. On May 15, Alexei Mushak, a member of the Ukrainian parliament, posted a notice on his Facebook page. In which he stated the Ukrainian government is planning to legalize digital currencies and asked for inputs from cryptocurrency experts.

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