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Accenture, the Dublin-based global consultancy firm has struck a partnership with Thales Group, a French multinational aerospace firm. As per the press release from July 16, 2018, this move was planned to integrate blockchain technology to the aircraft supply chain.
The Swiss City Announces Blockchain Voting Pilot Using Ethereum-Based IDs. The Swiss City of Zug, also known for its proactive support of the blockchain industry, is starting a voting pilot that will base both residents' IDs and polling system on the blockchain technology.
FOAM Is Building Spatial Protocols, Standards And Applications That Bring Geospatial Data To Blockchain. While an increased reality mobile app used to gather funny-looking, digital critters could sound in a senseless (or useless) service to re-architect with blockchain, the developers at ethereum startup FOAM settle on making a facinating case.

China Mobile Corporation Is Exploring The Use Of Blockchain Technology In Its Mobile Data Business. China Mobile Corporation, a standout amongst the three state-owned telecommunications pioneer in the country, is exploring the utilization of ledger technology inside its core mobile data business.

President of China Xi Jinping Openly Praised Blockchain Technology in an Event. President of China Xi Jinping openly praised blockchain throughout in his speech during an event, as the technology proceeds to bond itself in the country’s future arrangements.

Blockchain Center to be created in Barcelona Tech Hub​. As per a Local News Outlet, Barcelona Tech City will build a functional space for blockchain technology development. As per an unnamed source, the Blockchain space will comprise of a second building near to Pier01, the headquarters of Barcelona Tech City that inaugurated in Summer 2016, and will probably be occupied by Spanish blockchain net
Hyperledger Blockchain Technology deployed by American Express. American Express taps Hyperledger's Blockchain to make its Membership Rewards Program more versatile, marking the first application of blockchain application of blockchain technology to a major U.S. financial service loyalty program.

Thailand's Bank conducted Pilot transaction using Blockchain Technology. Announced on Tuesday, Thailand's Bank of Ayudhya PCL successfully performed a cross-border transaction with a Bank in Singapore using Blockchain technology.

Bank of America Won Blockchain Security Tool Patent. Bank of America wins a patent for a way to control access to specific features of a permissioned blockchain network, recently published document shows.

Walmart Seeks Blockchain Technology for Retail Product Resales. The latest Patent application from Retail Giant Walmart explains how blockchain technology could

Santander Performs Proxy Voting Blockchain Pilot at AGM. Banco Santander has finished a blockchain pilot that it states to enhance the process of proxy voting amid Annual General Meeting (AGMs). For the project, declared Thursday, Santander collaborated with global fintech firm Broadridge and custodian banks Northern Trust and JPMorgan.

The Blockchain is Not a Bubble, but Bitcoin is, says Jack Ma. Jack Ma, Alibaba founder, and chairman is now one of the latest supporters of Blockchain Technology. The billionaire CEO told Bitcoin is the bubble, but Blockchain is not. He commented recently at the World Intelligence Congress in Tianjin.

Sberbank Purchase Commercial Bonds Issued Over Blockchain Platform. Russian Sberbank CIB and telecoms company MTS has declared what they tell is the nation's first commercial bond transaction made using blockchain. On Tuesday MTS announced that it has signed on commercial bonds of 750 million rubles ($12.11 million).

Brian Kelly Reveals about Launching Blockchain ETF. Brian Kelly, an investment manager, launches a new blockchain-based startup, exchange-traded-fund (ETF) as

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