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The Indian god of wealth, Goddess Lakshmi symbolises good luck. The word Lakshmi is obtained from the Sanskrit word Laksya, which means “aim” or “goal,” and in the Hindu belief, she is the goddess of wealth and prosperity of all forms, both material and spiritual.

Yamaraj is the Indian god of death. The Vedas, an ancient Hindu texts, describes Yamaraj to be the first man to die, blazing the path of mortality down followed by all the other humans where the dead will rest.

Here is a brief description of the other five avatars of Indian god Lord Vishnu.

1) Vamana the Dwarf was another avatar of Indian god Lord Vishnu In Treta Yuga when the demon King Bali took over the universe, and the Indian gods lost their power.

Lord Vishnu the Indian god is believed to descend in the form of an avatar to restore universal order. It is said that Lord Vishnu has taken ten avatars of which have already been incarnated, and the universe is waiting for the last Dashavatar.
The Indian god Sati is a daughter of Daksha who is a wish born son of Lord Brahma and His wife, Prastuti. It is believed that Sati was the rebirth of Ardha Shakti, the better half of Indian god Shiva which he had sacrificed to maintain the balance in the Universe and was thus destined to marry Lord Shiva.
Indra is the preeminent leader of the Indian gods. Indra is the lord of Suarga (Heaven) and the Devas. He is the divine force of the sky, lightning, thunderstorms, downpours and stream streams. Indra is the most alluded to divinity in the Rigveda.
Ganesh is also known as Ganesha and Ganpati, an elephant-headed god. Lord Ganesh is a god of wisdom and power. He is the worshiped first in every prayers and ritual.
Brahma an Indian God is the maker of the universe and all creatures, as described in the Hindu cosmology. He is otherwise called Vedanta, Gyaneshwar, Chaturmukha, Svayambhu, Brahmanarayana.
1.The elephant head of Lord Ganesh is unique among the all other Indian gods.

It's said that Lord Ganesha's mom, Goddess Parvati, cut a symbol of a kid out of turmeric powder and revived it, unknown of it by Lord Shiva is known as the destroyer among the Indian gods.
The nine days of Navratri each have their noteworthiness, and each implies something excellent. So at that point, you knew that there are nine days of Navratri, did you likewise realize that every locale of India has their Goddess they adore amid Navratri?
1. Shiva's Trishul or Trident symbolizes the solidarity of three universes.
The Trident or Trishul of Lord Shiva joins the three universes a person is related with - his inside world, the quick world around him and the more extensive world.
Brahma is the maker of the Vedas. There are four Vedas, and it is said that every single one of them originated from one of his heads.

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