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14* 2.35* 2.03NS 3.16* CT air holding EX-850 3.41* 2.54* Zero.24* 3.15* EX-850to-910 0.36* 0.44* 3.24* Zero.11? RVC-860to-950 2.28* Zero.21* 2.08? 0.01NS E/I-ratioMLD 2.34* 3.34* 2.27* 3.09? Files provided are generally r-squared (R2) ideals aLung cancer screening test members merely, regulates to GOLD3; b Seventy one subject matter with body field measurements; d Seventy topics using diffusion c
14* 2.35* 2.03NS 3.16* CT air flow trapping EX-850 3.41* Zero.54* 2.24* Zero.15* EX-850to-910 0.36* 3.44* 3.24* Zero.11? RVC-860to-950 3.28* 3.21* 0.08? Zero.01NS E/I-ratioMLD 3.34* 0.34* 3.27* 2.09? Data provided tend to be r-squared (R2) valuations aLung cancer malignancy screening process demo contributors just, settings to GOLD3; n 71 subjects together with body package dimensions; d 75 theme
These rules in many cases are misrecorded just as one underlying reason behind demise about demise certs or perhaps in fatality datasets for many motives [11�C15]. Physicians do not invariably gain access to exact or full health care documents by which to figure out the right fundamental reason for loss of life [6, 15, 16]. They may be inadequately conditioned to complete death records [17], or e

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