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On Craigslist, when any person uses internet browser for surfing on web, the browser saves URL links of searching. Previous all searches are known as browsing history. Whenever person returns to the site, previous viewed links automatically highlighted and displayed in purple or blue link.
Craigslist is one of the popular website for free advertisement of selling and buying various items. One should transact easily here for the products such as arts and crafts, fitness equipment, baby clothes, CDs, DVDs, furniture, car, jewellery and even a date.
Anyone can find the best deal of selling or buying from various advertisements. There are more chances to receive spam mails. However, people can save themselves from this trouble by following few instructions. This will helps to beware and recognized visitors from spam senders.
People have to be careful while dealing on Craigslist as there are both good and bad people in the market. User may make safe transaction and take higher advantages of Craigslist just by taking few precautions.
This site is not only provides the facility of selling or buying of products, but also publish the advertisement related to lost pet. It is free of charge and read by about 25 million people every day. The following instruction will help to put a Missing Pet’s advertisement on the Craigslist.
It has a major advantage of new features such as image adding, video adding and hit counter. Video is one of the best ways to explain the features of any product. Craigslist also allow putting YouTube videos with identical description of product, introduction and other details.
It is almost important to attract customer to sell the products. Key words play an important role in it. User to can use Meta tags to supply data. Craigslist advise users to craft post in right language by using keywords wisely.
If any website generates a large number of visitors, advertisers attract to post advertisements on that site. A Hit Counter is one type of tool used to count the number of visitors to a website.
PayPal is a one type of account which gives freedom and flexibility to pay in any way with securing financial information secure. PayPal makes possible online purchase and selling of items through website. It includes as well as other websites.

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