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Commodity price reporting agency S&P Global Platts is exploring ways to employ blockchain to help transform the commodities market. At the recently held Annual Asia Pacific Petroleum Conference [APPEC] in Singapore, the company said it will join hands with Enterprise Singapore to digitize commodity markets.
Making food safety its first priority, Walmart, the retail giant did not waste his time to ask his suppliers of leafy greens to begin using blockchain. This was done to ensure that “real-time, end-to-end traceability from farm to table” and to “speed up identifying, researching and reacting to food safety situations.”
Blockchain technology is here to make drastic changes in the lives of people. Here’s a rundown on few industries that will strikingly be affected by blockchain.
To improve the lives of all people worldwide, we give instant access to financial services.By providing the educational tools that simplify and demystify digital currency, we help individuals and merchants to understand and use the OneCoin cryptocurrency.
Many people wonder how to invest in bloc technology and cryptocurrencies. The most dynamic and widespread is to do it online, since there are many places where the coins are exchanged. 

In order to save virtual currencies, it is necessary to have a purse or purse. To do this, you have to install the software on your computer or phone and you get a uniq
Regulations are building walls around the loosely regulated blockchain industry. As per a report by Reuters, both Switzerland and Israel have made plans to become a part of the new venture which aims to share experiences of regulating the blockchain technology.
The chief accountant of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has said that entities that deal primarily with digital assets and its underlying blockchain technology, need to abide by the accounting standards that are currently in place.
The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) which is a non-profit organization which has 125,000 companies that “strengthen the U.S. marketplace position in the global economy” has declared that on September 17 the Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will occupy the center stage during their upcoming forum.
Learn everything about Bitcoin, the history of Bitcoin, how to use Bitcoin, storing Bitcoin in a wallet, buying and selling Bitcoin on an online exchange
OneLife and OneCoin are sponsors of the race! At one of the most important competitions in the world! And we even have a car on the circuit represented under the OneCoin brand. Little by little, OneLife and OneCoin are growing to become globally recognized brands. That is why we are and will continue working until October 8 and on!
OneCoin empowers millions of people by providing global access to cross-border and low-cost financial transactions, recorded in the OneCoin blockchain in a consistent and unbroken sequences
"Corp., is starting a blockchain based cross-carrier overseas payment services."
If you have your eyes on Bitcoin and wish to make big on the same, take a look at the $1 Bitcoin, that can be grabbed from your nearest Walmart store
Sidechain is another blockchain that is attached to the parent blockchain that we call ‘main chain.’ Confused? Read the article.

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