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When most men and women think of Bitcoin they might as well be thinking of mysterious money. Very few people appear to understand what it is and for whatever reason everyone seems to be talking about this as though they do. This report will demystify all the aspects of crypto currency so that by the time you are finished reading you will have a pretty good idea of what it is and what it's all abo
An investigation procedure resulted in the confiscation of 295 Bitcoins [BTC] by the Surrey police on 19th July, 2018. The news has been originally reported by Financial Times that affirms the leading position of the British police to seize and transfer the confiscated Bitcoins [BTC]. According to a report by BCFocus, Bitcoin [BTC] is popular among the youth of UK which results in 21% Millenials
In 2009 bitcoin was invented the first cryptocurrency and nobody was aware about the power of bitcoin. Some people say cryptocurrency is not safe for investment. Here is all you must know before making the investment. Read the complete story here
Blockchain Australia is at the forefront of developing optimised solutions for clients that covers a whole range of services. It spans from Blockchain consultancy services to ICO (Initial Coin Offering) development and creating Cryptocoin Wallet which is the equivalent of a traditional bank account. Now exchange, observe and store cryptocurrency securely and without risk.
Here is the list of the best blockchain companies who are expert in bitcoin, blockchain and cyrptocoin based apps. The research is done global basis. Check out the most trusted blockchain development companies
According to the local report, the gang was caught in an operation named 'Antigoon,' in cooperation with the country's Department of Federal Revenue.

GPU prices drop after being rising for almost a year. Since May 2017, there was a steep increase in the price of dedicated graphics cards. Surprisingly, this was not due to the rise in the number of game releases, but this was due to the general public’s interest in cryptocurrency.
Providing good quality t-shirts, hoodies, bags and more with beautiful, clean crypto currency designs and alternatives.
Bitcoin has found its popularity on a massive level even if it is nine years old. Bitcoin has gone through so many regulations, and recently it shocked the world by reaching towards $20,000 in its price growth.

Despite the recent slowdown being faced by the cryptocurrency market, Robinhood has added Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin to its portfolio.

Ryan Taylor, the current CEO of Dash Core was interviewed by Cointelegraph on 11 July 2018, where he shared future plans, vision and current progress of Dash. He revealed that the community at Dash and the people who are working for Dash are truly passionate about the mission of every project
As per the result of a newly-published survey by the Bank of Canada, the number of Canadians who own bitcoin nearly doubled over the course of a year.
Cryptocurrency exchanges have boosted their overall security in the wake of cyber-attacks and scams. Cryptocurrencies collectively account for billions of dollars in the market. Starting with Bitcoin, other currencies have also received positive sentiments from investors.
Bitcoin mining has been the talk of the town lately, despite the high fluctuations in the coin's value. Though the woes for the coin are ever increasing, the crypto community hasn’t lost the hots for the coin. Even now, it is dominating the crypto market’s trade volume,standing tall at 43.4%. But, the bitcoin mining community is in a state of panic as the mining costs have hit the skies despite t

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