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The question is, what can you do about it? Is there any alternative to stop this from happening? Unfortunately, no! Your phone will stop functioning at some point or the other.
Encountering slow phone issues and frequent lags are quite common to Android users. The cache data and junk files building up on your device obstructs its performance. Applications like junk cleaner for android tablet and smartphones takes care of useless files by analyzing and deleting them permanently from your Android phone.
Though Android is the most popular operating system in the world today, there’s no denying the fact that it comes with its own set of disadvantages. The most heartbreaking one being, it gets slow with time.
Android is the world's biggest mobile operating system, if you are also an android user you need to cross check facts. There are few features that you may not using because you are unaware of their existence. Read Complete story here.
You knew that already, though. There are many specific apps for rooted phones. Here we will be listing out the best root apps 2018 for a rooted phone......
Do you want to be the greatest in the South Park Mobile phone Destroyer approach sport for Apple iphone and Android phone? This total guidebook with guidelines and methods assists you develop the ideal crew, discover uncommon and uncommon cards, increase your troopers and weapons, and become the chief of the PvP circle.

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Kotlin tutorial for beginners and professionals with introduction, architecture, class, object, inheritance, interface, generics, delegation, functions, mixing java and kotlin, java vs kotlin etc.

Kotlin is a statically typed programming language for modern multi-platform applications. 100% inter-operable with Java and Android. It provides a simpler syntax and fewer lines of code.
It won’t be wrong if we say that in the presenttime, Smartphone have become a pocket PC.As the Android Smartphone functions on an OS, they are at the risk of being infected by malware or virus.
While browsing the internet, we often come across articles that warn and scare us regarding the fact that our Smartphone is under threat of many malware and danger is lurking around it.
We at Ziox Mobiles, have listed things to look for while buying your first smartphone –

4G Android mobile Phones these days are a package of high-performance but what makes them efficient is the larger storage. Your phone must include higher RAM which is further expandable to future-proof yourself and support the increased usage of resource-hungry apps.

Processors are
Try these tips to extend your handset’s battery life.

2. Look out for unused apps:
Make a trip to 4g android mobile battery settings and look out for what’s consuming your phone’s battery.

3. Embrace the darkness (Maybe xD):
Black is not that colour which will reduce battery life of your 4g android mobile, but the pixels that make the screen to display bright light, also utilize more batt
Find out the latest technology related news and articles at Techienize. You can read a wide range of news, based on the new and existing technology as well as the articles about the latest technology. At the present time, it is very important to be updated with the current technology.
Question Toon Blast uses a tower-based construction the place the demand for combat activity relies upon on the pace of the figures. Each and every character on both side of a combat has a blue bar under his nicely-becoming and when it ends, it is his momentum to act. At the time, it is one of your people, you see a target on them and icons for your conceivable activities in the proper corner of
Android is a more-affect on an open-source project. Google actively develops the Android platform but gives a part of it for free to hardware manufacturers. Enroll Now for a free demo of Android Online Course.

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