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Performance Bond or Performance Guarantee by Bronze Wing Trading supported a South African Trader to complete their Urea deals with multiple buyers worldwide. Learn how South African Trader approached us and avail their required Performance Bond without blocking any cash funds.
A US based company successfully completed a profitable Sugar deal worth Dollars 5M, with a renowned Sugar (ICUMSA 45) supplier in Brazil with the help of a Letter of Comfort or Bank Comfort Letter (MT799) provided by Bronze Wing Trading LLC.
A South Korean buyer wanted to import huge quantity of Crude Oil from a supplier in Saudi Arabia where the supplier asked for a Bank Guarantee. The buyer's company instantly contacted us and we facilitated their Crude Oil deal by providing BG MT760 after they successfully obliged to BWT’s Terms.
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As the saying goes, only two things are certain in life: death, and taxes.

However, one of them may be getting a little simpler. The new tax bill attempts to get rid of a lot of exemptions, breaks, and loopholes that have historically made filing your own taxes harder than finishing the Sunday crossword.

But what does all this mean for you? We’ve rounded up the changes that will m
If you’re in your 20s or 30s and making six figures, congratulations! You’re off to a great start with your finances.

But, wait a second—being a high earner doesn’t mean you’re not susceptible to making the same financial mistakes as everyone else. In fact, having a lot of money to play with can actually make it harder to avoid some of the typical pitfalls of money management!
If you’re asking yourself this question, the answer is probably “no”. There is an old investing adage that whenever an investment becomes news-worthy or you get that feeling that you are missing out on a great opportunity, it’s probably time to run! Said another way, when everyone is buying you should be selling and when everyone is selling you should be buying. That’s easier said than done. Unf
Clients often ask us about market performance. They’re worried about a recent down turn, wondering if they should invest in Snapchat, etc. We get it! It’s easy to get swept up in stories of people becoming bitcoin billionaires or losing everything on one bad investment.

Thing is, for most people, that’s not how you get rich. In fact, it’s the opposite. The secret to building lasting wealth is
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Now that you we have eased your choice about a mining rig, start looking out for a suitable crypto mining platform and let the profits pour in.
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